Our SMART Pre School

Why Makebot Franchise?

At our smart-preschools, Experiential Learning, smart labs, interactivite learning and smart kid program all come together to emphasize and foster skills beyond the ones your child picks up at school.

Learning and Beyond

Our learning centres will be a one-stop-shop for all learning and beyond. We have designed curriculums to foster the Multiple Intelligence and cognitive skills useful in real-life settings.

High GDP growth

The current times have witnessed a plunge in the initiatives and businesses close to home and the road ahead looks promising. We’re a part of the shift, pouring our heart and soul into EdTech around us.

What Franchise will do?

  • Highly structured curriculum with new age learning zone.
  • Scope of 15 Lakhs or more schools/future franchisee.
  • Robust centralised platform which will provide services to clients.
  • The centralised platform shall link all the franchisees together.
  • We are on a mission to become a single platform with a plethora of benefits for the learners of tomorrow.

Prospects In This Avenues

Competition in curriculum

Active learners around us are enduring the lack of activity and interaction when it comes to learning, as the pandemic lingers with its uncertainty. In addition, the abacus and static models are ancient and coding as a learning model is commonplace.

Learning with 21st century skills

The multiple intelligence Theory. focusing on Body,Mind, Arts and life. Developing social skills, linguistic skills,logical reasoning,life skills.

Opportunity in market

High market penetration opportunity with industry growing at 30% CAGR
More parent being aware of the important of STEAM learning & spending more on education.

SMART Pre-School Offerings

We offer programs annually on weekdays and weekends.

  • The Annual Program (Weekdays) for children aged 2 to 6.
  • The Annual Program (Weekends) for children aged 2 to 6.
  • Activity Programs (Robotics, AI, Coding) for children aged 6 and up.

Franchise Benefits

Become one of the team

We extend our brand to your business.

Leverage Our Services

Help, Support, Endorsement and adding value to the society.

Become a Flag - Bearer

Represent your business along with Makebot.

Franchise Starpoints

An Up-and-coming field

The time is for to develop 21st Century skills.

A pioneer breakthrough

Technological advance and creatively superior to existing product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium education kits,copyrighted comprehensive program,technology and development,ROI,perks for franchise partner.
Required funds,Individual looking to break into educational sector and offer for collabration.
A separate portal for franchisee, our brand’s extension in the business, training for sales and marketing, and our full support in all the fields.
Starting at Rs 5 Lacs
For ROI and Commercials, reach out to us

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